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I woke up with Lane's massive arm around my waist. Pulling me closer and tighter to his magnificent body. I lazily threw one leg over the side of the bed but was pulled back. Forcefully but gently. He began to relax. Now unconsciously releasing his hold on me.I was just gonna go downstairs and make some coffee. This was true. Most teens were starting to get addicted to cigarettes, but not me. No. Coffee was my drug. That was until I met Lane.I got out of my bed and kissed Lane softly. I threw on some sweat pants out of my closet and went to the kitchen. 5:59 the clock read. Damn, I haven't been up this early ever on a weekend. I could blame it on falling asleep next to Brock at 5:30 last night but I knew that we woke up plenty of times through the night to sneak in late night fucks my ass hurt. And I didn't want it to be any other way. Lane slapped my ass on my command plenty of times the previous night. For some reason, I was beginning to get into rough sex. The whips, scratching, and biting all was starting to become a turn-on.I poured me a cup of coffee and went back up to my room. I sat on the foot of my bed and just watched my angel sleep. As if he could sense me staring at him, Lane stirred. Groping the spot where I layed that night. Panicked he quickly jumped and looked around the room searching for his man. Me. Through out the night we established something. That we had more than just lust for each other, we had love. And so Lane became my boyfriend. And I became his.Our eyes met and I winked, “Good morning sunshine.” He sighed loudly and got all of my pillows and propped them under his chin. He looked perfect. He looked like a puppy. He looked irresistible. Im glad he was mine and only mine.“Mornin'” he said back. In that deep perfect voice of his. “ So whats on the agenda for today?”Wow, I didn't even think about the plans I made during the week, for today. “Well at ten im going to get a haircut in town. Then..” I paused and thought of what else I had planned. “Oh, A couple of kids from school were gonna check that new amusement park out.”“Am I invited?” He asked smoothly.I set down my cup and lifted the bottom of my blanket. I slowly crawled up kissing every inch of his feet and legs. I started to kiss up his thigh. And then I got to his newly-formed erection. I licked the base and continued the journey along the shaft. I tasted many different things from the night before, but my favorite was his cum. When I got to the head, I licked all around it and then devoured it. I stuck his whole member down my throat at once. My gag reflex triggered and before and I pulled back. His thick pulsing dick was a diamond. Beautiful and hard. I quickly repeated that step over and over again until he told me he was a bout to come. I grabbed his cock and started to jack it while I sucked. “AAAHH!”He screamed as he blew a load down my throat. String after string filled my mouth and I couldn't take it anymore. I loved the taste of his cum more than anything but I just needed a breath. When I pulled his pecker out of my mouth his sperm kept coming. It my face and quickly leaked down into his pubes it got on my sheets too but I didn't care about them. He said he wanted to kiss me, but I needed to finish what I started. I licked the cum out of his pubes and then the wiped the rest off my face. After licking my hand clean. I began the sexy journey up his beautiful abs and met him face to face. We made out and then had what seemed like a tongue wrestling war. I let him win but put up a good fight. I then pulled away from him and looked at his face. “Consider that my invitation.”At one o'clock I showed up in my avalanche with my new haircut to the new amusement-park. It was about fifty miles away. The place was packed. I payed Charley, Brian (another jock from school), Lane and myself's way into the park. We decided that we would hit the roller coasters first and then the water section of the place.Charley and Brian were a little surprised when I shown up with Lane but I didn't care. And I knew that he didn't. I told Lane that if we were going to tell anyone about our secret that we would have to do it over time and so we kept it to ourselves. After a few mini coasters. We stopped and got some chili dogs at a place called Shortys'. We talked for a bit and laughed over a couple jokes that Brian had about my hair. Asking me why I haven't accepted Playgirls offer yet. The truth was it did look good. Charley kept looking at Lane. Charley had been my best friend for years. And being popular I knew how he would size up kids who didn't hang in our “usual” group. He was looking for something negative about Lane. I've seen him do it plenty of times before. But he would be sitting there all day because as far as I was concerned....Lane had no flaws. Not ONE. Brian said something about getting more drinks and Charley accompanied him to the refill bar. I was checking my Facebook on my phone and seen that Lane had changed his status from “single” to “in a relationship”. There was a lot of comments asking who the lucky girl was. And as a laugh I also commented saying,国产精品极品美女自在线观看免费 “Yeah Lane.. who is it”I must have zoned out because Lane rubbed my leg and asked if I was alright. Not wanting him to see my small joke. Charley and Brian was ready to hit some Big Rollercaosters and so we left and made our way to that part of the park.We all had a blast. With the exception of one....Brian. We just got done riding a coaster called the “Worlds End” where Brian decided that he needed to barf all over the girl sitting in front of him and the next row behind him.Embarrassed he left in Charleys Mustang. That left only one part of the park. The Water Park.There was unbelievable screams coming from that direction. So we hastily made our way and hit every ride over there. All one at a time or in groups of three.Then we hit the main water ride there was. I stood in line between my best friend and my boyfriend waiting to finish this ride and go home so I could have hot sex with my new mate. A blonde girl in front of line could not stop staring. She was about our age and stood in front of Brock. The skinny employee then said “next” as the girl jumped in the bottom of the log. The guy then looked at Brock and said, “Aren't you getting in?”Brock looked at me and then sit above the girl. She looked VERY happy that my boyfriend had my crotch right above her head. Brock winked at me. I smiled and then they were off in a second. Charley turned to me and said, “You ready?” “Haha are you?”“I was born ready, Brock.” We laughed as we jumped in the log. Me getting in first I had to sit at the bottom, while Charley sat above me with his legs out to my sides. I rested my arms on them. We took off down the first dip and water splashed all in my face. As a reflex I jumped back and my neck touched something. It was hard and yet soft. Charley Hughes had a boner. I acted as if I didn't feel it and tried to get my attention back to the ride. But I started to notice everything. Every brush of his hand or leg against me. Every noise he made as he yelped out in joy and excitement. The ride finished and we found Lane leaning against a fence with his shirt and shades on. “ you look so sexy.” I wanted to say. And he did. As I passed him I “accidentally” brushed up against him and rubbed his crotch. He grinned and followed us out to the my truck.“See ya later.” He said as he climbed into his vehicle and drove away.Charley and I jumped on the turnpike and fell into an awkward silence. I got a text from Lane and it said. “My place.8:00.”I smiled and continued until we took our exit off. I drove up to Charley's house aftera little while and the clock read 7:15.I stopped and waited for him to jump out..but he didn't. He looked down at the floor and then looked at me. “Thanks for the ride Brock.” He said.“Yeah anytime bro.” I waited. And he still didn't get out. “Uhmm Charley...this is the part where you get out.”“ Listen..” He said slowly. “Im sorry about what happened at the park...Ya know the boner thing.?”Man why did he have to bring that up! “Dude don't sweat it. I would have a boner too if I had to sit next to me.” He grinned and then murmured. “Well Lane must be one lucky guy.”WHAT?!?How would he have known this?!“Wha-What are you talking about?” “Come on dude, the winks..the rub at Shortys'....He was all over you the whole day!”“Charley! What the fuck are you talking about?”I looked at him when he was moving in. His eyes were closed and he his lips were out. He looked so hot! I wanted to fuck him right there. His lips touched mine and then somehow managed to open my mouth. His hot breath rushed in. And then his tongue touched mine.I couldn't it anymore. I broke the kiss fiercely and told him to get out. He looked hurt but then stepped out. After he closed my door. I screeched off. What was gonna happen to me?!Was he gonna say something? Would people believe him?It was eight o'clock when I pulled into Lanes driveway. I never been here but knew where it was. His house was large just like mine but with a big glass window on the side.I could see that it was dark inside. But faintly lit by small sources. I walked right in without knocking and then was shocked.This hunk had candles lit up all around his house in two parallel lines. This formed a path that led was covered in rose petals. Awe. This guys a romantic. The pedals led to the bathroom and this was the best part.There in the middle of a HUGE bathtub was my man... completely naked with the water covering his mid-section. He had one leg on one side ofthe tub. Leaving his whole crotch area exposed..underwater. There was this fabulous smell that just made my nose go insane!!Behind this god was a plate full of chocolate covered strawberrys. He grinned his dazzling grin and then said “This is my invitation.”I took of my clothes, forgot my problems and joined him in the tub....This might be the most interesting night of my life.Part 4 Soon, PromisePlease Rate :)Thanks,