in a white plastic box韩国无遮羞无删久久韩漫大全

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in a white plastic box韩国无遮羞无删久久韩漫大全

Chapter 2“Here’s your clothes” said a fat, fancy dressed bearded man as he threw a medium sized box full of clothing on the cold gray tile floor of the room.I watched him as he left the room, locking the black metallic door behind him. I slowly and carefully analyzed my surroundings. We were in a small gray colored room, with two hard mattresses on metallic bed bases. I couldn’t see anyway way out besides the door, not a single window or air vent. I looked down at Brent, he was already getting changed his clothes. I didn’t know what surprised me more, the fact that they had returned their clothes or that Brent almost seemed like a ghost of his former self.“Brent…I’m sorry for what happened earlier…I didn’t mean to…”“Don’t apologize, surely you were just doing what you needed to do to survive, and actually, I’m very thankful for it, thanks to you I survived as well” said Brent without looking at him.“Brent, I’m really sorry if I hurt you, I…don’t know what got into me. So please, at least look at me, we’ve been friends for forever, and I wouldn’t want it to end because of this” I said as I picked out my clothes.Brent turned around and looked at me, he looked lifeless and no longer seemed to be the person he used to be, his joyful green eyes were gone, instead, all that was left was anger, and sadness, and his seemingly eternal smile had become a frown.“Look dude, honestly I don’t want to talk about it now, just get changed” said Brent as he dropped himself on one of the mattresses.I wanted to say something to him, but I knew it would be best to leave him alone for a while, at least until I could understand why I did what I did. I put on my clothes slowly and laid on the other bed.Brent and I turned towards the door as we heard keys rattling and the lock being undone. Couple seconds later, the door opened and a handsome young man wearing a fancy gray suit entered the room, closing the door behind him. His medium sized blonde hair was combed to the right, and his stunning hazel eyes were fixated on him.“Hi boys, my name is Jack Winslow, and I’ve come to welcome you to The Corporation” he said with a dashing smile. “As you already might have deduced, since you were bought by Mr. Beckett, you’re now his property, and as such, you’re also property of The Corporation. Which means, you’ll have to work for it”“What the hell is The Corporation?” asked Brent in annoyed tone.“Well, The Corporation is the largest and most important human trafficking company in the world, and we currently count with two very successful divisions, the male division, where you are now, and the female division in Europe. As I mentioned earlier, you’ll have to work here, in other words, you’ll have to satisfy any kind of sexual fantasy our clients have” answered Jack.“You sure are messed up if you think I’m going to be satisfying any pricks desires” said Brent angrily as he sat up.“I’m afraid you really don’t have a choice, because if decide not to work, you will be punished severely, and if you still decide not to work after that, you’ll be killed on the spot” said Jack seriously.Brent’s anger vanished as frustration and despair took control of him. His eyes once again lost that spark they had, leaving behind an empty shell.“Now let me tell you how things work around here. For starters, our clients have the opportunity of choosing from a large variety of boys, once they choose one, they can either pay the boys minimum wage, or offer more for his services. 50% of the amount established by the client will be sent into the employees Corporation account, in this case, your accounts. Depending on the money in those accounts, depends the way you live here, as in, if you have a lot in your account, you’ll be able to live in the presidential rooms on the top floor, as well as obtaining amazing privileges. I also have to mention that your account isn’t the only thing that will decide your life style here, but your level as well. Your level will be decided by your performance with the client, as in, our clients have to give us feedback in the form of a grade between 0 and 10, depending on your grade, depends on which one of the ten levels you’re in. So if I were you, I’d practice with each other on your free time, you’ll need it, but before that, you’ll have to undergo a medical exam” said Jack with a large smile.“A medical?” I asked curiously.“Yes, even though we are a human trafficking company, we have very strict politics when it comes to the well-being of our clients, and our employees, so we submit both to regular medicals in order to prevent diseases” answered Jack as he grabbed my hand.His hand was surprisingly warm, I wanted to pull away from him in disgust because I knew I wasn’t gay, but there was something in his eyes that captivated me and made me follow him out the door.“Don’t worry Brent, I’ll be back to take you”Jack adjusted his hand a bit, and locked his fingers between mine, he looked up at me, and gave me a tender smile. I couldn’t understand why, but my heart was racing. As he walked, I followed him, not moving my eyes the hand that was embracing mine. It was big, just like mine, no, probably bigger since his arm seemed more muscular than his own. Why couldn’t I just let go of his hand, I felt awkward just thinking about holding another guys hand, but seeing it made me feel disgusted, or at least that’s what I hoped that feeling in my stomach was, it almost felt like if butterflies were fluttering inside me, and that simple fact made me uneasy.“We’re here” said Jack as we stopped in front of dark brown wooden door. “I’ll be back in about an hour, okay” he said.“Yeah, sure” I said as I rolled my eyes.He opened the door and looked at me for a while, before quickly giving me a peck on the lips and pushing me inside.“See you later handsome” he said with a wink as he closed the door.With my forearm I tried to brush away the weird tingly sensation his kiss had left on my lips, but it didn’t vanish.“Hi there, you must be Eric”I swiftly turned around and saw a tall muscular 25 year old man standing in front of me, he was wearing a white knee long doctor’s coat, and black pants. He had large brown eyes, and black hair that combed back.“My name is David Ocampo” he said as he extended his big muscular hand out to me.I shook his hand without saying a word.“Take off your clothes and sit there please” he said with a smile as he prepared his materials.I did as he said, and took of my clothes as fast as I could, the faster I did things, the better.“Okay, so first I’ll need a blood sample, give me your hand” he said as he stood in front of me.I quickly gave him my hand, he placed a transparent rectangular shaped object on my finger, and with a slight move of his hand, I felt a small sting on my finger, and in what seemed to be a second, the rectangular object was full. He place it behind him, in a white plastic box, and took a cotton swab from a container.“Open up your mouth” he said.I opened my mouth and he leaned in closer to me, making me feel uncomfortable. He quickly swiped the inside of my mouth with the cotton swab and placed it in a small transparent plastic bag.“Now just lay down, while I perform a physical exam” he said with a smile.I laid back, my eyes felt heavy, I hadn’t noticed how sleepy I was until now. As soon as he placed his hand on my chest, my body jolted in fear, I had completely forgotten about the test, I felt embarrassed.“Calm down, nothing bad is going to happen” he said as he ran his soft warm hands down my chest.I felt aroused by his delicate touch as he outlined the muscles on my abdomen with one hand, while the other fondled my nipple. I could feel my cock start to get hard as he slowly and gently began to caress it.“Please don’t this, just leave me alone” I said with my eyes closed as I brushed his hand away.I could feel his breath on my neck, he had leaned next to me.“Eric, if I were you, I’d let it just happen,jk制服白丝自慰无码自慰网站 because in this place, even the walls have eyes and ears, and we wouldn’t want you to get hurt for not full filing your duties” said David.I could feel my heart start to race, I was nervous and worried about what this place could end up doing to me, but I knew I had no other choice.“Fine, go ahead” I said with resignation.“Perfect, I knew you would understand” said David as he began to stroke my cock.My body jolted a bit as his lips wrapped around my cock, the warmth of his mouth was welcoming, and it was driving me crazy. As he bobbed up and down my shaft a shiver ran up my spine, causing me to buck my hips before sitting up. I opened my eyes slowly, I could feel my mind go blank once again before sexual thoughts invaded me. I clutched his shirt in my hands, and with all my strength I tore it apart, leaving his strong, broad back exposed. I caressed his soft skin slowly with my fingertips, and to be honest, it was arousing being able to touch another man’s skin.David backed off and took his shirt off, exposing his strong bulging muscles, my body temperature was rising with every second I saw him undress, I couldn’t really understand why I found this attractive by I could my cock throbbing anxiously as he took off his pants and underwear, his cock was rock hard, and I was completely amazed by how long it was, it was probably about 8in. . He slowly made his way on top of me, his cock was flopping around, tempting me to try it, even though my mind was telling me not to give in to my libido, my body moved on its own. I grabbed his cock and slowly began to stroke it, and David began to moan. Somehow, I felt marveled by the fact that I could feel his cock throbbing in my hand, it almost felt like if it were begging me to take it whole. I slowly liked and my lips and leaned in close to his cock, but before I could even place the tip of his cock in my mouth, my mind finally reacted, and I backed away disgusted by my actions. How could I even think about sucking a guy’s cock?“What’s wrong?” asked David with a disappointed look on his face.“I’m no prick, so don’t get your hopes up” I answered angrily.David laid me on my back slowly and placed his head next to mine, I heart began to race again as the tension I felt began to rise.“Fine, then just let me ride your cock” said David in a seductive tone as he positioned himself over my cock.“Get off me, I already told you I’m not gay” I screamed angrily as I tried to get him off me.David held my arms firmly, preventing me from pushing him away.“Come on Eric, it’s not gay if you don’t do anything, just imagine you’re being raped, because technically you wouldn’t be doing it out of your own free will in that situation” he said in a convincing tone.He had a point, I couldn’t just let him do it, and besides my cock was craving his muscular ass for a while now. I lowered my hand as David placed the tip of my cock on his asshole. Slowly he began to lower himself onto my cock, he was tight, but not as tight as Brent. I moaned in pleasure as did he when he began to ride my cock. Surprisingly he was going up and down my shaft rapidly, his moans echoed through the room, I loved knowing I was bringing him so much pleasure. His cock was slapping against my abdomen, and I really couldn’t comprehend why, but I loved feeling and seeing his cock slap against me.After a while, I could feel my cock begin to throb inside his warm tight ass, and as it did, my mind went blank yet again as libido coursed through my body. I knew I could no longer hold back, I needed him to be mine now. I raised my hands and held his thighs, preventing him from moving, as soon as he stopped, I began to pump my dick into him rapidly, and his moans got loader as I thrust my whole cock into him.“Oh yes, fuck me harder, make me yours” moaned David in pleasure.Almost as if his words were some kind of spell, I did as he said and began to ram my dick into him as fast as I could, and before I knew it, I was squirting loads of cum into his ass. Both of us were moaning in ecstasy. For some reason, I still wanted more, I kept on ramming my cock into him like a crazed animal, my cum began to lube up my cock, causing me to pump my cock into him even faster. His moans began to turn into desperate screams of pain.“Please, I really enjoyed it, but stop, please stop” screamed David as he tried to get off me.I held him firmly, preventing him from leaving, I was enjoying this too much, and I wouldn’t let him stop me. A couple seconds later, his screams diminished, I looked up and noticed his eyes were starting to roll back into his head. At that moment, my mind cleared up, and fear invaded me. I pushed him off me, and he fell to the ground with a loud thud. I got off the medical bed, picked up my clothes, and looked down at him, he was unconscious, or at least that’s what I wanted to think. I was way too scared to find out if he was okay, so I opened the door and ran to my room. The door was open and I ran in, closing the door behind me. I dropped my clothes and threw myself on my bed, I was scared, very scared.“What happened to you?” asked Brent.I turned towards him, and the fear I had for myself vanished, instead, I feared for Brent. He was naked just as I was, but his body was covered in bruises, and a corner of his lip was bleeding.“What happened to me? What about you?” I asked worried.“Those fucking fags wanted to fuck me, and obviously, I didn’t let them” he said proudly as he dried the blood off his lip.“Are you crazy? You know what these people are capable of doing to you” I said as I sat up.“Anyway, what happened to you?” he asked me.“Umm, they tried to do the same to me, but I got away” I lied.“Good, we have to show them that they can’t do what they want with us” said Brent before laying on his side and closing his eyes.I hated lying to him, but how was I supposed to tell him that the real reason I had come running back was because I had fucked a another guy senseless.Mr. Beckett’s Office“How’s David?” asked Mr. Beckett as he arranged some papers.“The doctor says he’s fine, but he’s still recovering from the shock his body endured after being pounded by that animal” answered Jack angrily as he walked around Mr. Beckett’s fancy office.“That animal as you call him, is probably my best investment thus far” said Mr. Beckett as he looked up at Jack.“Investment? That boy is a monster, he could have seriously hurt David” screamed Jack.“Now, now Jack, no need to get angry because he almost hurt your favorite toy” said Mr. Beckett in a sarcastic tone.“It’s not because of that sir. I consider him a threat for the other boys, that’s why” said Jack.“Well, I don’t consider him a threat, to be honest, if we play our cards right, he can become our best player in the field” said Mr. Beckett with a large smile.“I don’t understand” said Jack confused.“As you know, everything that happens here is recorded and uploaded to our web page, allowing our clients to see each of our boy’s capabilities, and because of his performance with David, many of our top clients are offering thousands of dollar for his services. So I’m planning on sending him to higher level with his friend Brent” said Mr. Beckett.Jack meditated and analyzed what Mr. Beckett had just said.“Fine, I understand your reasons for leveling up Eric, but why do the same with his worthless friend?” asked Jack.“Simple, Brent’s going to make him feel secure, and hopefully he learns a thing or two on how to please a man from Eric” said Mr. Beckett with a smile. “Now leave, I have urgent matters to attend to”


这种颓势似乎划上了一个短暂的休止符。6月10日,制作组DICE正式推出了《战地2042》第一赛季“行动时刻”(Zero Hour),接下来的几天里韩国无遮羞无删久久韩漫大全,游戏在线人数持续回升,仅在Steam平台,在线玩家峰值即从四位数回到了五位数,一度逼近15000人。